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Volunteering with All Hands

Lately, you probably hear very little about consequences of the typhoon in the Philippines. All media is long gone; therefore, big NGOs are moving out as well. But the devastation is here to stay.

For the last two weeks we have been helping people in the Ormoc city. We came here with a wish to do something that would help community or at least one person. Joining All Hands Volunteers was incredibly rewarding experience for us.

Every day our team helped multiple families to deconstruct their badly damaged homes, making the property safe again and ready for rebuilding. We worked in the local hospital on many projects. We helped multiple schools to make the area safe for kids and for the classes to continue. We worked 6 days a week in the heat or rain using only hand power. At night, we fed mosquitos on our bunk beds. Used cold water buckets for a shower and a local hotel to recharge our electronics and to catch up with our friends.

For us it was a very special Holiday season, a short period of time with an amazing rewards. We met so many motivated people that inspired us every day. All Hands is a very organized and highly affective volunteering organization.

Please help and donate to the organization that is here to stay for at least 6 months. If you like to volunteer, there is going to be another location open in the Tacloban city, the epicenter of the typhoon, with incredible damage.


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