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Exotic Bangladesh

If you want to know what does it feel to be a celebrity, then Bangladesh is a country for you. Due to a very few foreigners visiting, people are usually very surprised to see … Continue reading

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Helpx – True Cultural Experience of Japan

We enjoyed living in the hostels the as it was fun to meet travelers from all over the world. We would get together and head out to explore the area we … Continue reading

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Typhoon Response – Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan has been the most powerful storm that shattered the Philippines on November 8th, 2013. We were visiting Japan at that time and wanted to help. I contacted many volunteer … Continue reading

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Volunteering with All Hands

Lately, you probably hear very little about consequences of the typhoon in the Philippines. All media is long gone; therefore, big NGOs are moving out as well. But the devastation … Continue reading

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JR Pass and Transportation in Japan

Like everything else, transportation system is another wonder of Japan. There are planes, busses, subways, and many lines of different trains. Commute system here in Japan is so far the … Continue reading

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Many things are different and unique in Japan as well as their national sport – Sumo. According to the legend, the supremacy of the Japanese people on the islands of … Continue reading

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Japan – continues to surprise

Japan continues to surprise us. Japanese may be slurping their noodles away as loud as they can, but when it comes to public outings you can barely hear them. It … Continue reading

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